Captive Management, Specialized Programs, and Captive Repair & Risk Management Consulting.

Captive Management

Captive provides customized coverages for self-insured or under-insured risks Captives complement your commercial insurance to give your business the most complete coverage.

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Specialized Programs

Are you a large multi-family owner or manager? Are you a large self-storage owner or manager? If so, we can help you generate additional profits from your insurance requirements. We have developed industry-leading programs that allow you to take control of your insurance programs and drive more money to the bottom line.

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Captive Repair & Risk Management Consultation

In addition to setting up new captives for our clients, we are often brought in by advisors or owners who have concerns about their current captive. We have years of experience in the captive space and can help owners and advisors determine if there are issues with the current captive arrangement and what options are available going forward.

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We ensure that a captive fits into your overall risk management program – helping you make money on your risks.